Armenia tries to justify Azerbaijani lands' occupation - world media airs their real count in Karabakh

Politics Materials 24 August 2023 18:04 (UTC +04:00)
Armenia tries to justify Azerbaijani lands' occupation - world media airs their real count in Karabakh
Maryana Ahmadova
Maryana Ahmadova
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 24. Armenia continues to pursue a destructive policy towards Azerbaijan. By violating international law, ignoring the decisions of the UN Security Council and taking manipulative actions, this country continues to groundlessly accuse Azerbaijan of allegedly "inhuman treatment" of persons of Armenian origin living in Karabakh, Trend reports.

One of the unfounded allegations often voiced by the Armenian side is that Azerbaijan is allegedly "keeping 120,000 Armenians" in Karabakh under blockade. This is a complete lie, as are the figures cited in this delusional statement. What is confirmed by real facts is that the population of the region is only 40,000. However, the Armenian officialdom, as well as the separatists in Karabakh, continue to try to convince the world community otherwise.

Armenia consistently fails in its attempts to mislead the world community. A number of leading world media outlets, commenting on the situation, have already refuted, based on real facts, the misinformation disseminated by Armenians.

Thus, in a report on the main channel of Moldovan TV Moldova 1, the correspondent pointed out that the Armenian side exaggerated the number of Armenians in Karabakh three times.

One of the most popular Lithuanian publications, Delfi, in its article also emphasizes that "the Kremlin's proxy in Karabakh", i.e., Ruben Vardanyan, "exaggerates the population three times, claiming that the number of Armenians there exceeds 120,000, although according to all the latest estimates there are about 40,000 residents".

Ukraine's largest TV channel, Inter," noted in its report that the maximum number of residents in Karabakh is no more than 40,000.

"However, the self-proclaimed leadership stated that the number of residents reaches 120,000. This information is false and pursues propaganda purposes," the report said.

The Spanish newspaper La Razon, with an audience of 45 million people, also notes in its published piece that "the real number of Armenians living in Karabakh does not exceed 40,000".

The Hill, one of the leading and influential American political periodicals, notes in its piece that "by exaggerating the figures, the separatist leadership is trying to hide the large-scale migration of Armenians to Armenia and Russia. They similarly inflated demographic data to justify the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijan in the early 1990s."

Thus, Armenian tactics no longer produce the desired results. On the contrary, it only exposes the true nature of Armenian policy, which is characterized by destructive actions and a refusal to establish peace in the region.