�Our Azerbaijan’ bloc dismises Isa Gambar

Politics Materials 5 December 2005 15:23 (UTC +04:00)

�Our Azerbaijan’ bloc dismissed the head of Musavat party Isa Gambar from the post of chairman,” Vugar Beyturan, the chairman of the Turkish Nationalist party entering the bloc, told Trend.

A group of the parties entering �Our Azerbaijan’ bloc recognized the leadership of Gambar at the meeting held in the headquarter of Musavat on 2 December, while other group of 10 parties dismissed him from the post of chairman at the meeting held in the headquarter the Turkish Nationalist Party on 4 December.

Beyturan said that the parties surporting Gambar could not came out on behalf of �Our Azerbaijan’ bloc, as most parties were on their side. “Several parties supportes Gambar, while 11 parties are on our side,” he added. Beyturan also stressed that they made a decision on approval of rotation system. “Valeh Mirzayev, the chairman of the National Liberation Party, will be preside the bloc in December, my turn will come in January,” he stressed.

He also noted that 11 parties entering the bloc signed a memorandum on joint cooperation.