Azeri Parliament Speaker Remembered Memory of Babi Yar Victims

Politics Materials 27 September 2006 18:41 (UTC +04:00)

On September 26, the Chairman of Milli Majlis [Azerbaijani Parliament] Oktay Asadov, together with the representatives of other countries, stood in the memory of the vicitims of Babi Yar tragedy in Kiev. According to the information provided by the press-service of the Ukrainian President, within the measures dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the tragedy Babi Yar, the representatives of countries and other invited persons remembered the memory of Babi Yar tragedy victims, Trend Special Correspondent in Ukraine reports.

From the Ukrainian side, the ceremony was attended by the President of Ukraine Victor Yushenka together with his wife Ekaterina Yushenka, the Chairman of the Supreme Rada Aleksandr Moroz, Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich, governmental representatives, deputies and the representatives of the religious and public organizations.

In addition, the ceremony was attended by the President of Israel Moshe Katsev with his wife, the President of Croat Stephan Mesich and the President of Montenegro Flip Vuyanovich with his wife


Moreover, the ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia Sergey Mironov, Deputy Chairman of the Seym of Lithuania Vidas Gaydvilas, Vice Primer of Bulgaria Emel Etem and the Vise Primer of Slovakia Dushan Chaplovich.

The representatives of Belgium, Great Britain, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, France, Georgia, Poland and the United States also came to remember the memory of victims of Babi Yar tragedy.

The participants remembered the memory of the victims with one-minute silence. Then the representatives of religious communities told beads for the victims of Babi Yar.