Damage Caused to Owners of Collapsed Building’s Flats Should be Paid Off

Society Materials 19 October 2007 12:44

Azerbaijan, Baku / Тrend corr K. Zarbaliyeva / Some 200 people were interrogated on collapse of a multi-storey building in Baku.

A total of 32 people were announced victims of the accident, 25 of them died at the scene of the accident, according to Baku Prosecutor's Office.

A building which was under construction by Mutaffakir company at the intersection of Nakhchivani and Mukhtarov streets collapsed on 28 August approx at 5:00p.m..

Suspects are being detained in accordance with Articles 222.2 (violation of safety regulations in construction work, mining or other work resulting in death) and 222.1 (violation of construction safety regulations resulting in injury) of the Criminal Code.

Preliminary investigation revealed that by order 1673 issued by Baku Executive Power on 30 November 1994 a land lot was allotted to the Azerbaijan Industrial Investment Bank and Mutafakkir co-operative for building of a residential construction.

The order envisaged only projecting of the construction. The Director General of Mutafakkir, Ali Muradov, in 2002 began construction without permission of the State Inspectorate of Baku Executive Power's Architectural Construction Control and eliminating coordination of the documents with relative bodies.

Mutafakkir had signed contracts with a hundred of the interrogated people and their rights will be protected

The owners of the collapsed building's flats should commence civil lawsuit against the administration of the company and to demand compensation, Baku Prosecutor's Office said.

Ali Muradov financed and controlled the construction. He was responsible for construction safety. Ali Muradov, Askar Aliyev, an engineer, Farhad Hasanov and Gadir Salimov, executors, were recruiting workers without labour contracts. Construction safety was not provided and the workers were not instructed about safety regulations. The facts were released by preliminary investigation.

The administration of the company grossly violated construction norms and regulations. Concreting technique was not fulfilled properly.

Ali Muradov, Askar Aliyev, Farhad Hasanov and Gadir Salimov, as well as Baku Executive Power's department head, were arrested.