Journey to home of Delicious Chicken (1984-2019) (VIDEO)

Journey to home of Delicious Chicken (1984-2019) (VIDEO)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Oct. 1


Healthy and proper nutrition in modern times depends on many factors. Undoubtedly, we always attach importance to preparation methods and taste of food entering coming to our table. What about the food choice? What principles we adhere to when choosing poultry and poultry products, which makes up a major part of our diet? The right choice today directly impacts the health of our future generations along with our well-being.

”Siyazan broiler" OJSC poultry factory safeguards your health and provides you with delicious, high-quality, halal and hygienic products. You are just buying poultry for your home, and take care of the rest. Fed with the highest quality feeds, out chicken will be the preferred and favorite food item of your household.

Customers, who care about product's conformity to halal standards, can buy "Siyazan Broiler" products with peace of mind. Because,chicken of "Siyazan Broiler" is slaughtered and cleaned under the halal principles. Great importance is attached to hygienic rules and standards during this process. Food is the first condition of healthy lifestyle. If you care about taste, quality, halal standards and hygiene of poultry and poultry products, which make up a major part of our food diet, the products of "Siyazan Broiler" are the right choice. Since its establishment, "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC continuously improves the quality of its products and regularly develops the production process taking into account the needs of consumers.

The factory of "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC was built and commissioned in 80s of the past century on the personal initative and with the great support of the founder of modern Azerbaijan, the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev. Although the national leader was holding a high position in the leadership of former Soviet Union, he got time to inaugurate the factory and give his blessings. The largest meat-oriented poultry factory of the country and the Caucasus was built and commissioned in 1984. The "Siyazan Broiler" factory continued its activities as an Open Joint Stock Company since 2000. Thanks to the reconstruction works, the production capacity of the factory grew by 4 times to date. For more than 35 years, "Biyazan Broiler" OJSC has been producing many poultry products. Naturally grown birds feed on ecologically pure Shollar water and feed of the highest quality. Meeting the demands of population during its 35 year activity, "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC poultry factory is committed to continuous development and implementation of modern standards in production process.

Starting from 2018, reconstruction and restoration works are underway in the "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC factories. With this view, the company signed agreements with leading Dutch companies, including “VDL Agrotech”, “Meyn” and “Pas Reform”. Also, "Siyazan Broiler" modernized its packaging process. Thus, the quality of Delicious Poultry has been further improved.

As a result of the taken measures, the finishin shop of "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC became the largest and the most modern cutting workshop of Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus. The factory, created in line with the world standards and fitted with cutting edge equipment, preserves its status as the biggest meat-oriented poultry factory of the country and the Caucasus.

Delicious Poultry which provides the cities of Baku and Sumgait, as well as all regions of the country with high-quality products, presents its new branding and new qualitative level.

The first step of pure, delicious, high-quality and halal poultry products towards your kitchen starts from the incubator of "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC. During the first stage of chicken production, eggs are kept in an incubator for 21 days. It should be outlined that previously, the monthly production capacity of incubator used to be 2.2 million eggs. Taking continuous development as its principle, "Siyazan Broiler" OIJC commenced the construction of new and modern incubator. The company signed a contract with the Dutch company “Pas Reform”, one of the leading companies in this field, to start building a new modern incubator, which allows for an additional 2.5 million eggs to be produced. Currently, the construction of the incubator is underway.

Taking into account that "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC provides Baku and Sumqayit cities, as well as other regions of the country with high-quality poultry products, the reconstruction works will increase the coverage and give impetus to quality.

The second stop of tasty chicken on the path to decorating your cuisine on happy days is a chicken coop. As a result of reconstruction and renovation works, 168 chicken coops were commissioned, concrete works were carried out in 168 chicken coops and their surroundings.

In addition, the company commenced the construction of 42 new chicken coops, fitted with modern equipment of the Dutch "VDL Agrotech" company. Each of these chicken coops is designed for 35,000 birds. Currently, along with the process of renewing power lines, sewage systems, additional roads have been built inside the factory and asphalt covering has been laid in surrounding areas with the view of improving working conditions and ensuring biosecurity.

The next stage is dedicated to feeding birds with proper and clean feed. Without proper feeding, it's impossible to attain high quality. As the proverb goes, what goes around comes around. Without delicious feed, poultry would not be tasty as well.

Since September of 2017, the construction process has started on Feed factory of “Siyazan Broiler” OJSC. Modern equipment with the hourly production capacity of 20 tons and extruder equipment with the hourly production capacity of 10 tons have been installed in the factory. With the view of meeting the demand of feed factory and storage of additional raw materials, 4 2000-ton silos and 8 50-ton bunkers for food stock were constructed. In addition the construction of a new feed factory with the hourly production capacity of 30 tons is underway.

Brought raw material undergoes analyses at the laboratory reconstructed on the territory of the factory and meets the cutting edge standards.

Raw materials are transported to feed factory via nearby railroad. Railway, belonging to the company and located 3 km apart, was fully renovated as well.

Healthy feeding of chicken is a vivid example of their quality. Siyazan Broiler products are a fully reliable choice for your kitchen.

The last stage is the slaughtering of chicken under hygienic regulations and halal principles.

To provide high-quality service, reconstruction works were carried out at the finishing shop of "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC. According to the agreement signed with Dutch Maine company, the entire finishing shop was fitted with cutting edge equipment with the hourly production capacity of 10.000 chicken. Besides, in line with the agreement signed with Maine company, the construction of new finishing shop with the hourly production capacity of 12.000 chicken is to be completed soon.

Thanks to the implemented measures, the finishing shop of the company became the biggest and the leading finishing shop of Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus. Conducted reconstruction and application of a two-shift working regime, provides for processing of 250 thousand chicken per day.

Currently, the total poultry production of the factory is 5000-6000 tons monthly and 65000-72000 annually.

Slaughtered chicken are kept in 15 storage chamber under the temperature of -18-20 C and 7 quick-freeze compartments under the temperature of -35-40 C, which are newly constructed within the finishing shop and meets the modern requirements. Each quick-freeze compartment has a storage capacity of 15 tons and each of storage chambers can store 4000 tons of meat.

It should be accentuated that butchers working in finishing shops are selected among praying believers. Chicken grown in the company are slaughtered in line with Islamic rules, with Bismillah facing qiblah.

In addition, the coverage of flooring was replaced in order to improve hygiene and biosecurity in the finishing shop, cleaning and ventilation systems were replaced with modern systems.

"Siyazan Broiler" OJSC factory was registered with the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan and register extract was submmited to the agency. In addition, the entire production chain of the company was adapted to international food safety management systems and received HACCP, ISO 22000-2005, MS 1500-2009 certificates.

Since halal principles are a prority issue for "Siyazan Broiler" the company applied to KASCERT, operating in Izmir, Turkey and accredited by JAKIM and according to meticulous examinations of company by the organization, Halal audits were conducted. No non conformities were detected and the company was certified in accordance with Malaysian MS 1500:2009 Halal standard. In addition, the products of "Siyazan Broiler" were halal-certified by Caucasian Muslims Office. Consumers continuously concerned about halal principles, can buy "Siyazan Broiler" products with peace of mind.

All ready products undergo laboratory testing. As mentioned, both incubator eggs and feed materials, as well as produced poultry and poultry products, in general entire production process is subjected to laboratory testing. The factory of "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC is committed to ensuring high quality products.

In 2018 reconstruction works kicked off in Quality Assurance Laboratory under the auspices of Quality Department, which were successfully completed. Initially, the building of laboratory underwent a major overhaul and the building was fitted with cutting edge equipment. Monitoring, measurements, and testing are conducted here utilizing the most modern analysis methods. Conduction of microbiological testing, blood testing, analysis of ready products is indicative of the professional approach to quality poultry production. Continuous laboratory testing is carried out at Critical Control Points, identified after testing of the entire chain of production process.

“Siyazan Broiler” OJSC is extremely sensitive to environmental and ecological pollution issues. That's why for the first time in Azerbaijan, a recycling plant has been comissioned within the factory. Production waste is directed to this plant, thus preventing environmental pollution.

The plant, building in line with the modern requirements, is fitted with cutting edge equipment of Dutch and Turkish origin and with the daily production capacity if 150 tons. The recycling process is carried out here on a high-quality modern level. 2 8-ton booking boiler has a production capacity of 16 thousand kg, and 2 4-ton steam boiler has a production capacity of 8 tons.

Along with reconstruction work, "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC expanded its production area and commenced the planting of gardens and the implementation of modern greenhouse complexes. Monthly, the factory produces 3500 tons of organic fertilizer from chicken manure and this organic fertilizer is directed to owned gardens and greenhouses.

The total area of fruit gardens and greenhouses on the area of "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC amounts to 370 hectares. 250 hectares of this area is dedicated to fruit gardens, 100 hectares to corn and soya plants intended for production of feed and 20 hectares are allocated for modern greenhouse complexes. 66500 almonds, 52500 olive trees are planted in fruit gardens. The greenhouse facilities feature 6 thousand nectarines, 5400 cherry plums, 5300 apricot trees and peach trees in the same amount.

The implementation of an up-to-date drip irrigation system is carried out successfully in sown areas. The total length of irrigation and drip irrigation pipelines amounts to 68 km. Total length of such pipes in the fruit gardens amounts to 850 km. In addition, soil over 600 hectares has been flattened and made suitable for cultivation.

Fitted with cutting edge equipment, the factory of "Siyazan Broiler" OJSC expanded its territory. It complies with the requirements of sanitary, veterinary and hygienic norms, meets the modern requirement and world-class standards and preserves this principle in its reconstruction process.

Reconstruction works are not constrained with the renewal of production area and procurement with new equipment. 10 000 KW High Voltage power lines were completely replaced and installed underground, 2-km long sewage lines were renewed, water lines were replaced, 6 km long new gas mains line was deployed, alphalt covering was laid over all areas of the factory, new roads were constructed, interzonal roads were asphalted successfully.

"Siyazan Broiler" OJSC always cares for company employees. It should be underlined that during work process, every employee is provided by meals thrice a day and transport services. In addition, 3-storey dormitory meeting modern requirements has been overhauled in the territory of the company for workers with shift work schedule and all conditions have been created to ensure efficient and pleasant pastime of employees.

"Siyazan Broiler" OJSC is a company that cares about your future. With the the staff of over 1200, we always work for you. Because the food entering our homes is the guarantor of our future generations. Therefore, give preference to high-quality, tasty, hygienic food conforming with standards to prevent diseases.

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