New ambitious player entering world market of political and economic news – Trend’s deputy director general (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Society Materials 17 July 2021 11:18 (UTC +04:00)
New ambitious player entering world market of political and economic news – Trend’s deputy director general (PHOTO/VIDEO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 16


An ambitious new player is entering the world market of political and economic news, Deputy Director General of Trend news agency Emin Aliyev said on July 17 while delivering a speech at the presentation of the joint project of Azerbaijan’s Trend news agency and Russia’s TASS news agency - the Eastweststream.com media platform.

"Today we, Trend News Agency, are presenting the Eastweststream.com platform in partnership with one of the world leaders, leading Russian TASS news agency," deputy director general of Trend news agency said.

"The Eastweststream.com platform, aimed at meeting the growing demand for reliable news and high-quality analytical content, reflecting the dynamic development and interaction of the countries of the East and West, will become a reliable source of information about the potential, financial situation and political processes in energy-rich regions," Aliyev added.

"Azerbaijan has become the most influential country in the region under the leadership of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev today," deputy director general of Trend news agency said.

"The victory in the 44-day Karabakh War demonstrated to the whole world the unshakable will of the supreme commander, the strength of our country, the determination of our victorious people and the courage of the Azerbaijani troops," Aliyev added.

"I would like to once again express my gratitude to the supreme commander and the Azerbaijani troops for this great victory," deputy director general of Trend news agency said. "Through this opportunity, I would like to congratulate all those present on our historic victory over occupying country Armenia. We bow before all the martyrs who gave this victory to our country."

"Thirty years after the restoration of independence, we can say with great pride that our country has rapidly developed and has become an influential player on the political map of the world," Aliyev stressed.

"The media sector has also rapidly developed over the years thanks to the care of the state," deputy director general of Trend news agency said. "The steps being taken by President Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva to create conditions for the development of the Azerbaijani press have contributed to the formation of authoritative media outlets in the country that meet modern challenges."

"I would like to stress that the integration of the Azerbaijani media into the global media market became possible thanks to President Aliyev's attention to the development of journalism," Aliyev said. "The project being presented today testifies again to the successful state policy in the field of media."

"EastWestStream.com is based on a technologically unique digital media platform capable of uniting the leading media structures of the East and West into a single system and ensuring the implementation of the outlined plans," deputy director general of Trend news agency said.

"Trend News Agency expects this project to contribute to the transformation of Azerbaijan, located at the crossroads of North and South, East and West, into a kind of information transit hub, attracting new ambitious partners in the future," Aliyev said.

"In short, we believe that the website will gain a wide audience and become a useful and reliable source of information for the business and political elite in the international arena," deputy director general of Trend News Agency said. "At the same time, taking into account the prestige of TASS in the Russian media market, we hope that the website will hold key positions in the Russian media space in the future."

"EastWestStream project simultaneously demonstrates the level of Azerbaijani media," Aliyev said. "The development and application of digital technologies is no longer a new trend or fashion in the globalizing world - it is a key factor for security and development."

"Today we can say with confidence that the Azerbaijani media have the potential to use advanced technologies and integrate these technologies into everyday processes," deputy director general of Trend news agency said. "This, in turn, will help to effectively protect our country from various cyber threats and hybrid wars, which have become a new trend."

"It is symbolic that the project is being presented on the eve of July 22 - National Press Day," Aliyev said. "I would like to remind that we have recently presented another international media project - the first digital platform of the Turkic world - Turkic.World. The leading media outlets of the Turkic-speaking countries have already joined and are being connected to the platform."

"I am sure that the implementation of such projects as Turkic.World and Eastweststream.com is the best demonstration of the degree of development that the Azerbaijani press has reached," Aliyev said. "I congratulate all media representatives on their professional holiday. I wish all of us success in our further endeavors and I am sure that we will gain new achievements within the joint cooperation."