International travelers visit Azerbaijan's Khudafarin (PHOTO)

Society Materials 6 November 2023 11:27 (UTC +04:00)
International travelers visit Azerbaijan's Khudafarin (PHOTO)
Aslan Mammadli
Aslan Mammadli
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JABRAYIL, Azerbaijan, November 6. A group from the Ultimate Hub for Global Explorers - NomadMania - has visited Azerbaijan's Jabrayil district within its journey to liberated territories of the country on the eve of Victory Day [commemorating liberation of Azerbaijani territories from Armenian occupation in the 2020 second Karabakh war], Trend reports.

The group has arrived at the Khudafarin Bridge, a unique historical monument of Azerbaijan. The travelers were briefed on the Jabrayil district, including the Khudafarin bridge, which was liberated thanks by Azerbaijani army during the second Karabakh war.

Additionally, the guests were informed about the atrocities and crimes committed by the Armenian armed forces on the historical lands of Azerbaijan.

It was emphasized that the historical significance, organic unity with the magnificent landscape, high architectural and engineering solutions, and other features made the Khudafarin bridges valuable monuments of Azerbaijani architecture.

Historically, one of the bridges (crossing the Silk Road) has 15 spans, and the other - 11. These bridges, dating back to the XII-XIII centuries, testify to the development of high craftsmanship in Azerbaijan during the Middle Ages.

The visitors were informed that these places, like other territories, suffered destruction, houses were looted during the years of occupation, and the natural environment was devastated. Many historical and religious monuments were desecrated by Armenians, mosques were used as stables for animals, and graves were excavated and destroyed.

It was emphasized that life in Eastern Zangezur began to revive after liberation from occupation, and Azerbaijan is undertaking important projects in the region.

The delegation from 26 countries (US, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Finland, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Singapore, Australia, etc.) includes about 50 travelers.

Regular visits by the global tourist elite to Karabakh and Eastern Zangazur allow for a vivid demonstration not only of the consequences of Armenian barbarism and vandalism but also the impressive pace of the extensive efforts to restore the liberated territories. These trips also hold exceptional significance in terms of promoting the liberated territories within the framework of "black tourism," through which tourists can, on-site, explore the traces of war crimes committed during the Armenian occupation.

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