Aguilera furious at Cavalli

Society Materials 15 December 2006 12:45 (UTC +04:00)

(hollyscoop.com) - Christina Aguilera is furious with Italian designer Roberto Cavalli because he reportedly tricked her into wearing real fur onstage.

Cavalli is designing all the Aguilera's outfits for her current world tour, and was instructed by Aguilera not to include any real animal fur. But Cavalli admitted that he sent her a stole made from real white fox fur, which she happened to wear during some of her performances in Europe.

Once PETA realized that the stole was real fur Christina got an email from PETA president Dan Mathews with a link to a video showing foxes getting killed by anal electrocution for their fur.

Aguilera replied to the email, saying she was "very upset" insisting she "only ever wears fake fur".

Anti-fur advocate has now replaced the real fur with the fake fur version just in time for her concerts in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.