TRACECA unveils profits from transportation through Azerbaijan

Transport Materials 8 December 2022 10:40 (UTC +04:00)
Sadraddin Aghjayev
Sadraddin Aghjayev
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, December 8. The profit from freight and passenger transportation through the Azerbaijani section of Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia (TRACECA) amounted to 539.625 million manat ($317.43 million), TRACECA told Trend.

TRACECA said that this figure is 33.2 percent, or 77.8 million manat ($45.7 million) more than during the period of January through October 2021.

"More than 230.6 million manat or $135.6 million (an increase of 54 percent) was received from cargo transit through the Azerbaijani section of TRACECA, and more than 31.6 million manat ($18.5 million and an increase of 41 percent) from passenger transportation," TRACECA said.

Cargo transportation through the Azerbaijani section of TRACECA totaled about 37.83 million tons from January through September 2022, which is 24.4 percent more than the same period in 2021.

More than 20.3 million tons, or 53.9 percent, of the total volume of cargo transportation is accounted for by road transportation, rail - more than 12.4 million tons (32.9 percent), by sea transport - about 5.01 million tons (13.2 percent).

Transit cargo transportation accounted for more than 10.3 million tons (27.4 percent), of the total volume of cargo transportation.