Armenian president reveals falsely biased details of Sochi secret talks

Photo: Armenian president reveals falsely biased details of Sochi secret talks / Nagorno-karabakh conflict

Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 13


Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan for the next time violates a mutual agreement and reveals some details of the issues discussed at the closed presidential meeting, the head of Public and Political Issues Department of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov said in his interview with AzerTAc news agency.

"But the most deplorable thing is that he distorts the demonstrated position and the issues raised by the sides at the meeting and falsifies them in accordance with his subjective opinions and Armenia's interests," Hasanov added.

"Of course, these actions do not do him credit as the president of the country," Hasanov said. "If these facts had to be made ​​public after the meeting, the presidents would have held a press conference and commented on all the issues. Only such individuals as Sargsyan may publicize the discussed issues in a distorted way with his subjective opinion and interests added after returning back to his country in an effort to become a "false hero"."

"We regret that this move by Sargsyan makes us make a statement about some issues discussed at this closed meeting," Hasanov said.

He noted that during the meeting held with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev discussed the issue of two Kalbajar hostages captured by Armenian troops in the occupied territories. One of the hostages is a Russian citizen, and his family made an appeal to the Russian president.

"During the meeting, the Azerbaijani president handed over the appeal to President Putin and raised an issue of release of the hostages," Hasanov stressed.

President Aliyev believes that the Armenians without any reason presented these Kalbajar residents as "dangerous subversives" and created an ugly show in media around this issue.

"These two people using their civil rights, as their families say, have visited their hometowns under the Armenian occupation for many years to pay tribute to their parents' graves. Given that one of them is a citizen of Russia, it is natural that President Aliyev asked President Putin to state his position on this issue, and no doubt this is aimed at an unconditional release of civilians," Hasanov underscored.

He said that during the trilateral meeting the Azerbaijani president demanded an unconditional return of the dead bodies of soldiers and civilians killed by Armenian armed forces in the occupied zone and on the contact line.

During the meeting President Aliyev addressing Sargsyan said, "Even in the days of Hitler, the fascists did not commit those crimes which the Armenian occupant soldiers commit against the hostages and dead bodies in the frontline region. One cannot be so disrespectful towards a corpse, it is inhumane."

"The president also demanded an immediate return of the dead bodies to their families," Hasanov stressed.

"While failing to find significant arguments against the Azerbaijani president's such opinion, Sargsyan pointed at Azerbaijan's propaganda over the return of the corpse of Mubariz Ibrahimov, who courageously passed a minefield in the frontline region in June 2010, killed numerous enemies by their own weapons and died heroically in an unequal battle," Hasanov added. "Sargsyan accused the Azerbaijanis of presenting Ibrahimov as a hero and insulting the feelings of the Armenians this way."

"The war has its own laws," he said. "We did not present Ibrahimov as a hero. He single-handedly destroyed the trench, defended by the Armenian soldiers, killed more than a dozen occupiers and died heroically. According to the war laws, the sides must respect the heroes. Mubariz Ibrahimov demonstrated true heroism and rightly received the title of National Hero. President Aliyev urged the Armenian counterpart to treat the heroes respectively."

"Of course, Sargsyan deliberately tries to hide the losses of the Armenian occupying army as a result of the recent reconnaissance and sabotage operations, and wants to disguise this fact," Hasanov said. "Nevertheless, all local and foreign sources confirm that Armenia has lost about 50 people during the recent operations. Armenia's military and political circles will fail to hide losses. Sargsyan would be better to take care of his countrymen, who have been recently leaving the country, scattering around the world in search of work and bread instead of continuing such subversive acts causing a direct blow on further peace in the South Caucasus and holding the Armenian people as hostage of the war."

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