President: No power can prevent Iranian nation from moving in path to progress

Photo: President: No power can prevent Iranian nation from moving in path to progress / Iran

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday lauded mass turnout in Bahman 22 Rallies, saying that no power can prevent the Iranian nation from continuing its path to progress, IRNA reported.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of Bahman 22 Rallies, President Rouhani added that ralliers signaled a message that the nation will always stand alongside the late founder of Islamic Republic the late Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and nobody is able to deny the nation of their rights.

Meanwhile, Rouhani in his first ever address on Tuesday said that the governmentˈs policy in foreign affairs is based on ˈmoderation,ˈ ˈNeither submission, nor compromise;ˈ ˈNeither passivity nor confrontation.ˈ

The government is thinking of constructive interaction on equal footing coupled with dignity, wisdom and mutual respect, he said, noting that the administration will take into account self-reliance, realism and acting intelligently in a bid to promote Iranˈs status in the international scene.

ˈWe attach special respect to our ties with regional countries, neighbors in particular,ˈ he said.

The Iran-G5+1 talks was aimed at declaring the good will of the country, seeking peace and stability in the world, president said.

ˈWe wanted to deprive ill wishers from vain pretexts, announcing that Iranophobia is wrong and Iran is not after invading any country,ˈ Rouhani said.

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