Chenot Palace Gabala - more than just a world (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Society Materials 21 September 2016 11:18 (UTC +04:00)
Health and Wellness specialist Henri Chenot, has promulgated a modern health wellness retreat in Azerbaijan. Five luxury stars will shine over the breathtaking Gabala lake where a new hotel resort is entirely based on the eminent holistic detox and revitalization Chenot methods.
Chenot Palace Gabala - more than just a world (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 21


Health and Wellness specialist Henri Chenot, has promulgated a modern health wellness retreat in Azerbaijan. Five luxury stars will shine over the breathtaking Gabala lake where a new hotel resort is entirely based on the eminent holistic detox and revitalization Chenot methods.

Surrounded by the silence and tranquillity of the magical pinewoods, and overlooking the peaceful Nohur lake, the new Chenot Palace Hotel in Gabala represents a new class of health wellness retreat in the heart of a breathtaking forest.

If our philosophy were to be translated into a landscape, it would be the tranquillity of the forests, the quiet of the lakes, the energy of the waterfalls and the gentleness of the hills of the Gabala region. An idyllic place that offers, along with breathtaking beauty, a unique combination of both serenity and energy.

The Chenot Palace Gabala is a perfect getaway retreat far from the hustle and bustle of congested cities, where to recharge the batteries and gather new strength to replace the energy that daily life drains out of us.

With the opening of this new resort, our therapeutic approach is broadened. A medical spa facility of 6.000 square meters is fully dedicated to the most advanced diagnostic techniques and state of the art equipment.

This, together with the powerful and unique Chenot method of treatment protocols, enables our specialized medical professionals to provide each guest with personalized programs that enhance Individual wellness. Point of relevance, the innovative Human Performance Department in full scale with a top class Metabolic Laboratory for metabolic optimizing, a Cryo Chamber at -110° C for whole-body cryotherapy and a Sports Lab for fitness screening, Antigravity technologies and Normobaric Hypoxic (oxygen reduced) training for physical wellness.

Individual Wellness is exactly what Dr. Henri Chenot has been committed to, for more than 45 years with perseverance and dedication. Our method focuses to provide the Individual with a holistic view of the body, mind and emotional life as a prerequisite for a person’s sense of harmony.

“People are living longer, and there is the need to maintain performance as in youth. Our quest, our constant commitment, is to provide the means to invest in wellness so that our body cells will be harmonious and rich in vital energy and functionality. It is a commitment that we fulfil with pride, professional care and team spirit.” (Dr. Henri Chenot)

Over the years this principle has led us to develop a unique synergy of powerful treatment protocols that are applied over a short period of time. These unique methods aim to stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, assimilate nutrients, increase vitality, energy levels and rebalance the physiological equilibrium with long-term benefits. And results are heightened when complimented with the advised lifestyle changes according to Individual needs.

The correct diagnosis is made following a holistic approach, essential requirement for us to understand our guests’ Individual wellness status and provide them with personal treatment plans. The targeted treatments applied will positively signal the body to build up its own internal medicine and to respond by regaining energy, functional capacity, inner harmony and to consciously preserve them over a long period of time.

Accompanying our guests on their path, is a highly qualified European team of medical professionals in internal medicine, cardiology, sport medicine, energetic medicine, acupuncture, aesthetic medicine, nutrition, osteopathy, physical therapy and fitness. This devoted team is actively involved in participating and studying recent researches presented at the most renowned international medical congresses. As a result, we are able to provide the latest and most effective techniques and technology that deliver excellent and long lasting results.

As the integral part of our method, the Chenot diet demonstrates that individual wellness does not only come from the finest ingredients but also from the caloric density, nutritional value and unique preparation and cooking process of food that is provided with exquisite taste and presentation. Diet is crucial to clean and rebalance the body, stimulating cell repair mechanisms with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory action. The synergy of diet and treatments promotes inner and outer wellbeing and our nutritional suggestions applied to everyday life, will help everybody achieve a healthier lifestyle that can ensure long-term wellness.

The vast 26-hectare park provides a beautiful landscape that indulges in scenery of ponds, lakes and cascades of waterfalls. A sense of serenity is evoked from the panoramic view that Gabala has to offer, encouraging one’s desire to enhance their vitality through exercise with low intensity walks or runs. As the luxury stars shimmer across the outdoor swimming pool, a perfect relaxed setting is generated.

Featuring natural materials and colours, the Chenot Palace Gabala blends harmoniously with the nature around it. Its flowing forms and light-infused spaces convey an immediate and beneficial sense of harmony and relaxation. The interior design, even in its smallest details, is respectful of nature: huge windows open to the landscape views, natural wood floors and simply designed furniture give a sense of lightness creating a smooth, caring and inspiring environment to ensure our guests’ complete rest and recovery.

Elegance, space and stunning views from every window, balcony and terrace, connect inner and outer spaces of any of our 72 accommodations and 3 villas with private spas.

The utmost meaning of luxury in our times has no doubt to do with physical and mental wellness, with having the possibility to regain or preserve our quality of life and our functional capacity in the long-term. That’s why anyone who values the concept of wellness as a means to maintain health and improve performance in the long-term can trust in the Chenot Palace Gabala as the ideal retreat, where youthfulness is promoted in perfect harmony.