Azerbaijan prepares new bill "On intangible cultural heritage" (UPDATE)

Society Materials 28 February 2023 13:47 (UTC +04:00)

Details added: first version posted on 11:46

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 28. A new bill "On intangible cultural heritage" has been prepared in Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

The bill establishes requirements for samples of intangible cultural heritage.

According to the bill, there should be absolute anonymity of samples of vocal folk art, the creation, preservation and transmission of samples of intangible cultural heritage in vocal, informal and official form from generation to generation.

Besides, the bill requires the samples to meet one or more criteria (territorial, ethnic, religious, age, gender and social and so on), as well as their belonging to the Azerbaijani people, certain social groups or individuals.

The financing of the preservation of intangible cultural heritage samples will be formed at the expense of deductions from the state budget, income from activities in the field of intangible cultural heritage and other sources not prohibited by law.

For violation of the law, persons are liable in cases provided for by the Civil Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Such elements of Azerbaijani culture as Mugham (traditional musical form, characterized by a large degree of improvisation), Art of Azerbaijani Ashiqs (combines poetry, storytelling, dance and vocal and instrumental music into a traditional performance art that stands as a symbol of Azerbaijani culture), Novruz (traditional holiday which is celebrated with coming of spring), traditional art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving, craftsmanship and performance art of the Tar and Kamancha (national music instruments), Chovqan, a traditional Karabakh horse-riding game, and others were inscribed in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage.