Schedule of 30th day of Ramadan

Society Materials 2 November 2005 11:05 (UTC +04:00)

The 30th day of holly Ramadan вЂ" 3 November вЂ" will start with a morning pray (namaz) and breakfast (imsag) at 06.02am, while the evening pray (namaz) and supper (iftar) is at 17.54pm, the Caucasus Moslems Board (CMB) told Trend.

In accordance with the schedule provided by the CMB the 29th day of Ramadan вЂ" 2 November was to end with the evening pray (namaz) and supper (iftar) to be at 17.54pm.

On 4 November the Islamic world would mark holly Ramadan Holiday. On that day festal public prayers will be held in all mosques of the country starting from 10:00am. All believers will make donations вЂ" fitr вЂ" which is equal to the cost of 3kg of wheat, or barley, or rice. The donation ought to be made on the eve of the holiday with respect to assist the law-income families.