Snoop's gun amnesty

Society Materials 29 December 2006 15:57 (UTC +04:00)
Snoop's gun amnesty

(askmen.com) - Snoop Dogg has called for a world gun amnesty.

The rapper - who was arrested in October for possession of drugs and a firearm - wishes the planet could be free of guns so no more lives could be unnecessarily cut short.

He said: "I would like everyone to be able to put down their guns. Guns are not good. When I was growing up I knew my life could be taken in a second by a gun."

In October, Snoop was stopped by police for a traffic violation at the Bob Hope Airport, in Burbank. An unlicensed gun and marijuana were found during a search of his vehicle.

The rapper was charged with possession of a firearm and transportation of a controlled substance and released on $35,000 bail.

In November, Snoop handed himself into police after a warrant was issued for his arrest over a separate charge of possession of a deadly weapon.

He was charged and bail set at $150,000.

The rapper had been stopped at the John Wayne Airport, in Santa Ana, on September 27 after a 20-inch extendable baton was found in his bag.

Snoop claimed he did not know it was illegal and was going to use it in his video. The baton was confiscated and the rapper was allowed to board his San Francisco flight.