General Korade Must Be Caught Before Bush Arrives

Other News Materials 1 April 2008 07:25 (UTC +04:00)

( Javno ) - Five days have passed since the retired general, Ivan Korade, has escaped, and all traces have disappeared, although his car was found near the crime scene.

The Police Director Marijan Benko said that the police is every day closer to accomplishing the mission and arrest Korade, adding that he believes the general is still in Croatia.

When asked how the police will manage to fit in the investigations with Bush's arrival in Croatia, Benko said that there will be absolutely no problems with security.

- We have enough forces and capability to be able both to capture Korade and be ready for Bush's arrival in Croatia - he said.

And while police is tracking the fugitive, media speculations fill the newspapers. Did the general really kill four innocent people? Is he suffering from PTSD, or ghosts from the past inspired him in a bloody revenge?

Many questions on the murder remained without an answer. The general was allegedly located by thermo vision cameras, but some politicians even doubt Korade is alive.