Ukrainian President Imposes Terms to Revive Democratic Coalition

Other News Materials 6 September 2008 10:56 (UTC +04:00)

Ukraine, Kiev, 6 September / Trend corr. Z.Novosvitskiy / The Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko mentions that Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (YTB) should announce its position on Georgia and cancel anti-constitutional laws if the bloc wants to revive democratic coalition, Head of the State briefed the media on 5 September, UNIAN reported.

Moreover, Yushchenko said that the YTB should designate exact position concerning the Georgian and Russian conflict and this position should base on territorial integrity of Georgia, recognition of peace settlement plan of conflict, as well as should contain worry about the use of the Russian Black Sea Fleet basing in the territory of Ukraine for war with other countries. "It is important for factions to return to dialogues," the President said.

According to the President, it is important to cancel anti-constitutional decisions, which have been made by the parliament since 2 September. It deals with the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers, Law on Prosecutor General's Office, Law on Ukrainian Security Service, because it is clear that how these institutions have been used in this scenario - to destroy the Ukrainian democracy and it is extraordinary serious matter," Yushchenko stated.

According to the State Head, cancelling these decisions, as well as clear position on Georgia will enable to begin negotiations.

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