Russia not to meet Ukraine’s demands

Other News Materials 15 March 2007 16:06

( ForUm ) - Russia will not agree with increase of rent for stationing of Russian Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Ukraine, deputy Foreing Minister of Russia Grigory Karasin told in an interview to "Krasnaya zvezda".

"We repeatedly declared that the rate of rent is not to be discussed. The rate was established by the intergovernmental agreement, which can be changed by mutual consent of the sides only. We won't give our consent," Karasin said.

"As for talks concerning allegedly illegal use of some Ukrainian objects, we repeat that statements of the Ukrainian side are not proved by facts. We hope that results of inventory will clarify this question," Karasin noted.

He also underscored that Russia does not intend to lower its flags in Sevastopol on demands of the Ukrainian side. According to article 6 of Federal constitutional law "On state flag of the Russian Federation" Russia's flag is hoisted daily in places of permanent disposition of military troops and separate subdivisions of RF Armed Forces, including Black Sea Fleet, Karasin noted.

In response to the question about further location of RF BSF after the agreements will have expired in 2017, Karasin underlined that "there is no point to discuss this issue, because the time has not come yet." "We must use time to intensify cooperation and mutual understandings between Russia and Ukraine," the deputy Foreign MInsiter of Russia said.

Annual rent for stationing of RF BSF on Ukraine's territory makes 98 mln USD.