Politics Materials 2 December 2005 12:11 (UTC +04:00)

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security continued work on employment of the jobless. Several labor fairs were organized in the region in October.

In accordance with official statistics, as of 1 November 2005 a total of 3843,300 economically active people were employed in the Azerbaijan, or 46.4% of all population. In January to October 2005 average number of employees involved in enterprises and organizations of the country grew 86,000 people as compared to previous year.

The number of jobless with high education grew Over 9 months of 2005, 71,200 employees were discharged.

In October average monthly unemployed allowances made up 223,600 manats, or 36.1% of average salary.

The social payments paid at the job places made up 27.3bn manats. Major part of benefits fell on employees of electricity gas and water supply, transport, store economy, communications and education.

Over 10 months of 2005 average salary exceeded money incomes 57.1% the per capita monthly money incomes. As of 1 November per capita net incomes comprised 3702,600 manats, 25.5% more than that 2004 and 10% - September 2005. In this period net incomes comprised 30588.9bn manats (including 3718.9bn manats in October), or 26.8% more than 2004 and 10.1% September 2005.

Major indices, characterizing money incomes of the population


Actual figures for January to October 2005

As compared to 2004

As compared to September 2005, in %

Net money incomes of population, in bn manats.




Per capita population, in ths manats.




Money incomes in hands, in bn manats.




Per capita population, in ths manats




Source: State Statistics Committee

In January to October the community money incomes turned out 588.2bn manats down as compared to incomes and comprised 30000.7bn ma manats, or 24.96% more than expenses in 2005.

Source: State Statistics Committee

In this period 59.4% of the community expenses was spent on purchase of goods and services, 12.7% - on payment of services, 2% - increase of savings, 4.5% - on obligatory payments and fees, 21.4% - purchase of foreign currency. After implementation of tax remittances, obligatory payments and voluntary fees the real community incomes made up 29.2trln manats, or 26.8% more than 2004, while per capital incomes reached 3.5m manats.

Pensions play significant role in the formation of money incomes. As of 1 October 2005 1357,400 pensioners were registered at the Minister Labor and Social Security, of them 763,200 вЂ" pensioners for age, 264,900 вЂ" for disability, 134,600 вЂ" loss of bead-winner, 194,700 вЂ" work experience and social pensions.

In January to September average monthly pension rates grew 18% as compared to 2004 and comprised 140,800 manats, which makes up 24.4% of the salary. In this period the SFSS spent 1709.9bn at financing pensions and social payments, or 302.2bn manats (21.5%) more than 2004.

Average monthly pension (including benefits), in manats

Average monthly pension in regard to avetage salary, %

January-September 2004



January-September 2005



Source: State Statistics Committee