Founder of Geyrat Movement: Russia Does Not Like Azerbaijanis Living in Georgia

Society Materials 19 December 2006 16:47 (UTC +04:00)

Zumrud Gourbanov, one of the leaders of the Georgia-Azerbaijan Movement Geyrat (Honour) told Trend that Azerbaijanis who live in Georgia never took part in provocations or other plans of Russia intended for Georgia He said that the Russian Government pays cold attention to Georgian Azerbaijanis.

According to him, the appeal of movement Geyrat to Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the return of Georgian Azerbaijanis to their motherland .may harm the life conditions of their families, and may even trigger harm to Russian relations with Azerbaijan. The appeal also points that up to now Azerbaijanis who are Georgian citizens never took part in organization of crimes on the territory of Russia, and that they left Georgia for Russia with just one aim- to earn money for their families.. Mr. Gourbanov said that Azerbaijan Diaspora in Russia should support the appeal addressed to Mr. Putin. We, Azerbaijanis, living in Georgia, cannot go to Russia to call our compatriots to be more active. They reject. However, our compatriots should show their initiative, be more active to protect themselves, said. Mr. Gourbanov.

Mr. Gourbanov said that he believes that a positive reply will be given to the appeal of the Azerbaijan movement addressed to the Russian President. According to him, in Borchali, a Georgian territory where ethnic Azerbaijanis comprise the majority of the population had not turned to be a source of conflict like Abkhazia or South Ossetia, since Azerbaijanis resisted provocations and remained faithful to their country. He said that therefore Russia does not like Azerbaijanis who live in Georgia.