Laboratory for Control over Epidemiology Situation with Wild Nature Opened in Khirdalan

Society Materials 21 December 2006 14:02 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan's first laboratory for the control over the epidemiology situation of wild nature has been opened in Khirdalan Town today. Gulshan Husseynova, Chief of the Press-Service of the Azerbaijan Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry, informed Trend that a Special Commission for Bird Flue was founded within the Cabinet of Ministers of the Country and allotted a certain amount of funds both to the Ecology Ministry and the Health Ministry of the Country to set up such laboratory. Since the amount of funds were insufficient to carry out such volume of work to be implemented by the laboratory, up-to-date equipment and appliances, as well as the spare parts were bought at the expense of the Ecology Ministry resources. The laboratory will detect many diseases such as hepatitis, taxaplasmosis, brucellosis, salmonellosis, avian influenza, and others. In addition, a modern database on diseases of the wild nature will be collected in the laboratory. Specialists of the laboratory will conduct research work there, she said.

The laboratory has 5 cabinets: sterilization, nucleic acids splitting, disinfection, extranscription and amplexation, bioalalyses and detection.