Household energy tariffs dropping in Czech Republic

Economy Materials 1 April 2023 16:44 (UTC +04:00)
Household energy tariffs dropping in Czech Republic

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 1. Tariffs for electricity and gas for consumers in the Czech Republic, which grew sharply since early 2022, have begun to significantly decrease, Trend reports via TASS.

The Czech E.ON company has revised electricity and gas tariffs for households since March 31.

The tariffs on gas dropped most significantly, which will allow consumers who switch to them to save tens of thousands of crowns (many hundreds of dollars) per year.

The cost of kWh for electricity in E.ON is 6.63 crowns (about 30 cents), including taxes. Competing companies offer households tariffs per kWh well above seven crowns (approximately 35 cents). E.ON's gas fell to less than two crowns (less than nine cents) per kWh.

Thus, households will save an average of 1,800 crowns ($83) to 5,000 crowns ($231) per year on electricity, depending on whether they live in small apartments or cottages. The new gas tariffs will allow them to save much more annually.

In the Czech Republic, E.ON offers the most attractive household energy tariffs among other energy companies operating in the country.

"This (decrease of energy tariffs) is yet another proof of how well the recovery in the gas market is going," an energy expert Jiri Gavor said.

Meanwhile, according to him, the market price of gas isn’t expected to fall to the level of 2019-2020.

Its value now exceeds that level by two times, added the expert.