Azercell Telecom Presented a New Service

ICT Materials 15 December 2006 17:17 (UTC +04:00)

Today, Azerbaijan largest mobile provider Azercell Telecom JSC has presented a new service Simurg to its subscribers, Trend reports.

Giving a speech during the presentation, Khalim Atesh, Director General of Azercell, said that he was satisfied with the work Azercell Telecom carried out in the country, and said that the Company would present only modern services to its subscribers.

When we began our activity in Azerbaijan, we decided that Azerbaijan subscribers deserved the best, said Mr. Atesh.

New service Simurg is an interactive information and entertainment service that was designed on the basis of up-to-date technologies and has no analogues in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is second out of FSU countries after Russia that introduced this service.

Simurg is a mean of the individual information for subscribers and gives a possibility to all subscribers of Azercell to interactively choose news or order a more detailed piece of information.

All those who want to turn on to the service should call on to a department of subscriber services of Azercell and obtain a Sim-card supporting Sumurg service.

Within three months, with 30-percent discount, just for 3 AZN, each Azercell subscriber may exchange his or her Sim-card to a new one which can support Simurg Those who want to become new subscribers of Azercell will have a possibility to buy Sim-cards with this service in it.

As soon as the subscriber bought this Sim-card, he or she should activate the service in the menu of his or her mobile phone. Then, he should switch off and then switch it back on to activate the service in the system.

Simurg will function on the basis of mobile communication. New Sim-cards are equipped with the mobile communication menu. The menu consists of main and auxiliary titles. The cellular transmission can be mute or loud depending on the wish of the subscriber. While using his or her phone for another purpose, the cellular transmission will disappear from the display of the phone. The subscriber can read a message only from one channel of the cellular transmission. The service of the cellular transmission will be presented only in Azerbaijani and Russian.

The latest news, including sport, business, entertainment, games, shows, and competitions, music, horoscope, melodies, and much more will be timely handed over to the mobile phone of the subscriber.

The payment for the above-mentioned services being rendered within the interactive cellular transmission will be determined depending on tariffs on the ware of the third party.