Kyrgyzstan – one of few countries with growing population

Kyrgyzstan Materials 2 December 2009 16:29 (UTC +04:00)

Kyrgyzstan is one of few countries of the world with growing population, Lyudmila Torgashova, chief of the population statistics department of the National Statistics Committee said at the round table on maternal mortality in Bishkek Wednesday, news agency "24.kg" reported.

"Therewith, population of the Chui region increases slightly despite inflow of internal migrants. The highest death rate is traced in the region owing to large number of old people and high unnatural death rate (traffic incidents, suicides and other factors)," Torgashova said.

The largest number of young women at the age of 15-17 gives birth to children in Chui region. "It is connected with high migration rates. Childbirth in young years can lead to different problems, one of them is high maternal and child mortality," she added.