"Uzbekneftegaz" developing natural gas deposits in the Lower Jurassic deposits

Uzbekistan Materials 28 August 2018 09:27 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 28


Uzbekistan's Uzbekneftegaz company continues to work on extracting gas from the new site in the Berdakh Bar of the Ustyurt region, the company said in the message.

The company said gas has been extracted from the second well of the new site in Berdakh Bar.

The natural gas accumulations in this area are located in the Lower Jurassic sedimentations, according to estimates of the geologists.

According to the director of Uzneftegazgeologiya Gulmurod Mavlyanov, previously gas was found mainly in the upper and middle deposits of the Jurassic age. And now specialists of Uzbekneftegaz found an industrial gas condensate deposit - "Kuyi Surgil", in the Lower Jurassic deposits.

"Having finished drilling the second prospecting well, we received an industrial inflow of natural gas and gas condensate. The well is deep, it has been drilled more than 3600m and, according to experts, the productive contour of the field is expanding,” Mavlyanov added.

This is the second productive well of this field. Its productivity was suggested by geologists earlier, the first confirmatory result came at the beginning of this year after the first well was drilled. The success with the second well confirms the prospects of the new field.

At present, gas condensate studies are being conducted at the well and work on testing possible productive horizons will be completed within one month.

For further exploration of the deposit, a third well is also drilled and a fourth well is planned to be drilled.