Pakistan proposes joint Iranian council meet for agenda

Iran Materials 4 April 2014 10:13 (UTC +04:00)

Pakistan has proposed joint ministerial commission meeting with Iran ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's visit to Tehran to prepare a wide-range agenda.

"We would like to see a meeting of the Joint Ministerial Commission before the prime minister's visit so that we have substantive agenda for this visit," Pakistan's foreign ministry spokesperson, Tasnim Aslam said, Iranian IRNA news agency reported on April 4.

She went on to say that the two countries are discussing dates for the prime minister's visit.

"We will let you know when the dates are confirmed. We would like this visit to be a major step forward in our bilateral relations," Aslam said, adding that Iran and Pakistan already have strong political relations and this visit should add more to economic relations."

She underlined that Pakistan would like to seek a balance in its relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia, adding that Islamabad keeps a balance in relationship with various Muslim countries.

"We have friendly ties and brotherly relations with all the Muslim countries. We do not take sides between them. As part of OIC and being part of the larger Muslim community, we would like to see harmony and greater amity among various Muslim countries," Aslam remarked.

To a question about the kidnapped Iranian security guards, she termed it as an unfortunate incident adding that that Pakistan has condemned the killing of one of the abducted border guards.

"We have also expressed sympathy with the family of the victim and we have extended full cooperation to Iran on this issue. But Pakistan-Iran relations are larger than that. There is more to these relations then some incident inside Iranian territory or on the border," she added.