Iran makes investments in oil and gas fields in Ilam Province

Iran Materials 19 October 2021 10:31 (UTC +04:00)
Iran makes investments in oil and gas fields in Ilam Province

TEHRAN, Iran, Oct.19


The Iranian government is assigning a huge budget for the development of joint oil and gas fields in Ilam Province, the Governor of Ilam Province told Trend in an interview.

Ilam Province shares 11 percent of the country's gas reserves and 20 percent of oil reserves and has good capacity in these sectors, Ahmad Karami noted.

The development of oil fields in the province is on the new administration agenda and it is expected to assign considerable credit to accelerate the oil production in Ilam Province. The assigned budget will also be used for importing oil and gas projects in Ilam Province such as accelerating construction of Dehloran Petrochemical Company, development of Aban and West Paydar fields, and completing Danan oilfield.

The government has issued permits for producing feed for petrochemical plants up to 50,000 barrels with a 1,000 billion rials (about $23 million) investment.

As part of the investment in the oil and gas sector in Ilam Province, a total of 3,000 billion rials (about $71 million) has been assigned for the construction of Ilam Polypropylene Park, completing gas transmission to villages, and accelerating the development of Changuleh oil field.

The Iranian President approved the launch of 17 projects in the oil and gas sectors during his visit to Ilam Province by assigning 5,000 billion rials (about $119 million) credit and $4.45 billion to the projects.