Program summary: Iran IRINN TV economic news, Dec. 20

Business Materials 20 December 2017 18:10 (UTC +04:00)

The following is a numbered list of news on latest economic developments in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as of 12:00 GMT, Dec. 20, on IRINN TV.

1. 12:03 GMT – Iranian government plans to increase the amount of financial facilities for productions units over the coming fiscal year (starting March 20).

2. 12:04 GMT – Iranian oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh has denied that the sub-standard fuel is the main reason behind the issue of air pollution in capital Tehran and other large cities of the country.

3. 12:05 GMT – National Union of Chain Stores of Iran and Bank Melli have agreed to provide the workers of Education Ministry with purchasing cards.

4. 12:07 GMT – Report on the rate of foreign currencies in the Iranian market. Euro was traded at 49,989 rials in the free market. The official rate of US dollar was 35,760 rials and it was traded at 41,811 rials in the free market.

5. 12:08 GMT – Report on the prices of gold in Iranian market. Gold coin was traded at 13,938,000 rials (about $333.3 according to the currency rate in free market). One gram of the 18-karat gold was priced at 1,288,000 rials (about $30.8).

6. 12:08 GMT – Report on the performance of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). The main index of the TSE has reached 95509 points.

7- 12:09 GMT - The production line of Iranian car maker SAIPA has resumed producing X-100 and X-200 vehicles in Syria.

8. 12:10 GMT – Report on the prices of the home-made cars.

9. 12:11 GMT – A factory in the Iranian southwestern province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari has produced 5000 tons of nitrates over the past year.

Source: State-owned news channel IRINN, Tehran, in Persian

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