Türkiye’s light attack aircraft Hürjet successfully passes engine test

Türkiye Materials 4 February 2023 06:08 (UTC +04:00)
Türkiye’s light attack aircraft Hürjet successfully passes engine test

Türkiye’s light attack aircraft Hürjet has successfully passed its first engine start test, Defense Industries Presidency head Ismail Demir has announced, Trend reports citing Daily News.

We, as the Turkish defense industry, continue our work at full speed on the 100th anniversary of our republic. Hürjet started its engine! Now it’s time to fly,” Demir tweeted, sharing the images demonstrating the joy of the engineers and personnel working on the project developed by the Turkish Aerospace Industries.

The aircraft is scheduled to meet with the skies on March 18, while it is aimed to produce two Hürjet every month after 2025. According to the information obtained from defense sources, it will be able to use nine different kinds of ammunition developed with domestic means.

The single-engine Hürjet, which will harbor a tandem cockpit, is also expected to play a crucial role in modern warplane training.

Moreover, it will be able to perform roles such as combat readiness transition training, air patrol (armed and unarmed), and aerobatic demonstration.

The aircraft will be around 14 meters long, with a wingspan of 9.5 meters, can reach a speed of 1.4 mach, and can fly at a maximum level of 45,000 feet.

The project was initiated to be included in the inventory instead of the T-38 aircraft used within the scope of Jet Evolvement Training and the F-5 aircraft used in the acroteam flights.