Armenian police on alert after shoe-throwing

Photo: Armenian police on alert after shoe-throwing  / Armenia

By Jamila Babayeva

Shoe-throwing is one of the forms of showing outrage in the world. There are several famous incidents of shoe-throwing in different parts of the globe. Some presidents were the main targets of such incidents.

The last shoe throwing took place in Armenia. Chief of Armenian Police Vladimir Gasparyan recently faced this form of protest. Someone threw a shoe at him while he was passing the street with his bodyguards.

The main Armenian policeman assessed the situation as emergency and immediately left the scene. Immediately later, dozens of operational officers conducted investigative works at the scene. But, the police failed to find out if this incident is accidental or intentional.
The police is hated across Armenian society because of violation of citizens' rights.
It seems that Armenian police have forgotten the motto "To Serve and Protect". The human rights activists warned about the numerous cases of torture and violence at police departments.

Human rights activists said torture and violent tactics are among the main methods used by Armenian police.

The police in turn said they are aware about these facts promising fundamental reforms. Despite this, the number of rights violations has not reduced yet.


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