Azerbaijani Opposition Holding Negotiations to Participate in Next Elections under United Team, Says Opposition Leader

Politics Materials 28 November 2008 16:37 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 28 November / Trend corr. A.Huseynbala/ Azerbaijani opposition should participate in election processes with the united team and list.

"There are several versions for the new union of opposition and a final decision on this matter will be made within few days," Eldar Namazov, the head of the For Azerbaijan Public Forum (FAPF), which has joined the Center for Opposition Cooperation (COC), told Trend on 28 November.

Center for Opposition Cooperation includes bloc Azadlig (Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Liberal Party, Citizens and Development Party), Musavat Party and For Azerbaijan public forum. At early September, parties included in Azadlig bloc the (the Popular Front Party, the Liberal Party and the Citizen and Development), the Musavat Party and the Public Forum 'For Azerbaijan' signed a joint statement on recognition of the presidential elections to be held on 15 October as illegitimate. Government to be formed after the presidential elections is announced as illegitimate in the statement.

The election was followed by negotiations on changing the opposition into a broader coalition. However, creation of expanded opposition coalition has not been commenced in the light of mutual accusations.

According to Namazov, he is ally with all forces, supporting development in Azerbaijan, regardless their invitation to Azadlig bloc.

"I will be together with these forces. Opposition should be prepared to unify. I support all major forces of opposition to be unified and have expressed my position on this matter," Namazov said.

As to claims of Musavat Party's members on representation of only major opposition parties in a new union of opposition, the FAPF leader named it as pretext.

At present there is a great need and favorable condition to establish large union of opposition. If anybody does not want it, that person will not join this union with these or other pretexts. We should not unite only several political parties, but all society and organizations, supporting democratic changes, and act as the united force in political forces," Namazov said.

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