New resignations possible at Azerbaijani opposition Musavat Party

Politics Materials 7 January 2011 19:49 (UTC +04:00)
New resignations possible at Azerbaijani opposition Musavat Party
New resignations possible at Azerbaijani opposition Musavat Party

Azerbaijan, Baku, Jan. 7 / Trend T.Hajiyev /

New resignations may occur in the Azerbaijani opposition Musavat Party, Ordinary Party Member and Founder of the Yeni Musavat newspaper, Rauf Arifoglu told Trend.

"It is possible that the process will continue and will be observed new resignations. One of the reasons for this is Leader Isa Gambar's categoricity in the issue of withdrawal from the post of party leader and promulgation of this decision," Arifoglu said.

Musavat Assembly Chairman Sulheddin Akbar Sulheddin Akbar and Assembly member Ibrahim Ibrahimli resigned Nov. 29. Akbar explained this step as disagreement with the strategic course of the party. Ibrahim Ibrahimli cited as evidence the fact that the party leadership does not trust him.

In their joint statement made on Nov.30, Akbar and Ibrahimli said they resigned as they did not agree with antagonistic opinions of some party members.

On Jan.5, Deputy Musavat Party Leader Gabil Huseynli and Party's Assembly Member Adil Geybulla announced about the resignation from the party and issued a joint statement on this occasion. They decided not to disclose the reasons for leaving the party, citing ethical concerns.

Arifoglu said it is regrettable that the people so valuable for the Musavat party left the leadership and party.

"This is a very sad event for them and for us. As I have distanced from party activities and have no opportunity to meet with them, I was able to talk only with Ibrahim Ibrahimli. I am not aware of the reasons for the resignations, which are not reported in the newspapers. But, in general, I can say that undoubtedly, there must be undisclosed reasons for such processes, when four functionaries leave the ranks of the party for various reasons," said Arifoglu.

According to him, the outside observers have noted other causes, and told that the government "pushed the button" and tries to eliminate its main political opponent.

"Along with these processes, there is a fact of attacks and accusations against the United States. Analyzing all together, you can see a picture of processes. But I am not a supporter of haste. We have time and it will always be possible to analyze it," said Arifoglu.
With regards to the question "Is it true that the resignations are related mainly to the unification of PFPA and Musavat?", Arifoglu's position on it was unambiguous.

"All this is just a pretext. I believe that to resign because of the unification of the Popular Front and Musavat is so absurd that you can not show it as the primary cause. I can not accept it. Why should people who want to unify leave the party? Those who want unity must remain at the party and achieve this union," said Arifoglu.

Answering the question "whether the resignations are casual after the next parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, Arifoglu said that so far most of resignations at the Musavat Party has been happening at the level of chairmen of party's district organizations. Usually such resignations were observed at the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan. But here it deals with the senior officials, deputy chairmen. This time, this process also touched on the Musavat Party, said Arifoglu.

With regards to the question "what are the expectations from the next congress of the Musavat?, Arifoglu said that Isa Gambar's resignation from post of party's leader is a strategic mistake.

"Before I tell you about the expectations from the congress, I must declare my position on this historic moment. I believe that Isa Gambar's perseverance in the issue of resignation is a strategic mistake. It does and will cause heavy damage to the Musavat Party. Of course, the congress will not be easy. Because the party leader will change in this congress. Congress will be on the focus of attention and will be hard. As one of the known ordinary party members, I must say this: despite that I think Isa Gambar's resignation is a strategic error, and the process is unacceptable, if the congress elects a new leader, like other members of the party, I will accept it," said Arifoglu.

At the Musavat Party Assembly session held in December 2010, Gambar stated about the resignation and telection of a new leader at the next party congress.

Musavat was established in October 1911 in Baku. On May 28, 1918 in Tbilisi, together with several other parties, Musavat announced Azerbaijan's independence. Due to Azerbaijan's occupation by the Red Army in 1920, Musavat moved its activities underground.

The party was relaunched on Nov. 7, 1992. Gambar was elected as the party chief. A former parliamentary speaker, Gambar ran in the 2003 presidential elections. Musavat party is the center-right.