Рђli Aliyev: В"Activities of NIPA executive structures in paralyzed state for some months

Politics Materials 15 December 2005 14:51 (UTC +04:00)

В" There are no any specific things in the ideas voiced by Etibar Mammadov. There are no any appointments beyond the Charter at the National Independence Party of Azerbaijan (NIPA), the NIPA chairman Ali Aliyev told Trend.

The NIPA leader Etibar Mammadov expressed the standpoint on the discontents occurring inside the party and reported that the appointments beyond the Charter were inadmissible. Mammdov noted, the responsibility for solution of any problem inside the party lies with the party’s chairman.

Aliyev voicing his attitude to the Mammadov’s opinion noted, proposals he put forward on some appointments in the party do not go beyond the Charter. According to him, the activities of some NIPA executive structures are in the paralyzed state for some months.

Aliyev said, he agreed with the opinion of Mammadov, the biggest responsibility for the solution of problems inside the party lies with the party’s chairman. The NIPA chairman underlined, in this regard he tries to solve all the issues within his commitments.