Heydar Aliyev was a great figure who established a country prominent Russian film director

Politics Materials 27 June 2006 15:12 (UTC +04:00)
Heydar Aliyev was a great figure who established a country prominent Russian film director

Interview of Trend with prominent of Russian film director

A presentation of the film Heydar Aliyev: burden of power directed by famous Russian film director, Andrey Konchalovskiy, was held at the Baku cinema in Moscow on 26 June. Trend special correspondent reports from Russia the 2-part film in the genre of documentary covers the period of life and activities of the great national leader of Azerbaijan.
Konchalovskiy covered the entire period of life and activities of Heydar Aliyev, the success and difficulties that he faced in his life way. The impressions by renowned figures about the great leader drew the visitors attention.
In his short address after the first part Konchalovskiy said that the essence of the film is to show people who helped Aliyev and sincerely respected him. But also those who were envious and tried to remove the politician by all means, regarding him as a major rival. Mikhael Gorbachov, the President of the former USSR, was clearly presented in this context, though he rebuffs such introduction.
The film is valuable in sense of propaganda of truth about Azerbaijan, its problems which Azerbaijan has faced, through restoring its sovereignty after the collapse of the Soviet Union Armenian aggression, support by the Soviet leadership, political instability, economic destruction. The major accent is put on the historic role by Heydar Aliyev.

After the presentation of the film Konchalovskiy talked to Trend correspondent.

Question: What should be done to bring the film Heydar Aliyev: burden of power to world community as an objective information about Azerbaijan?

Answer: I think Russias willful decision is required in this respect and I think, the willful decision by Azerbaijan is also required for the demonstration of the film in Baku.
The film should be translated into many languages (including English and Arab) as minimum the languages of the countries that signed the Oil Contract - in order to demonstrate it worldwide.
It is very important to carry out this work in Russia, as there is a wrong idea about Azerbaijan in Russia. Moreover, such great figures and what they have done have been almost forgotten in Russia. It is necessary to eternalize memories of such outstanding people. On my part I will personally do everything possible to make them understand who Heydar Aiyev was, where he lived and who surrounded him.

Question: Will you continue making documentaries about Azerbaijan?

Answer: I dont know, lets see … But Id like to continue it, of course.

Question: What could you tell us about Heydar Aliyev as an author of the film?

Question: He took a great role. He made a history. By the way, none of Soviet leaders has raised from ashes, but Heyder Aliyev did. He is a great national hero. He leaves behind many heads of world countries.

Aliyev did much not only for Azerbaijan, but also for Russia, for the entire Soviet Union and nations settled in a vast area. He was one of great figures who build the country, established and consolidated it. So, it is necessary to respect such personalities.

President of the Azerbaijani Congress of Russia, Mammad Aliyev answers Trends questions:

Question: What should be done by the Azerbaijani Diaspora to bring the film Heydar Aliyev: burden of power offering rich information about Azerbaijan to the attention of the Russian community? For instance, how do you imagine your private role?

Answer: You are quite right. The documentary was produced by an outstanding film director with the world recognition. Such an attention towards Azerbaijan and the historic personality of Heydar Aliyev is interesting and necessary particularly in Russia.
The Azerbaijani Diaspora of Russia takes concrete steps to achieve the televised demonstration of the film. You have seen how real the film has come out, it cites the names of those who hindered Heydar Aliyev and who helped him. Of course, a principle position by a screen writer and film director, who did not edit anything and showed everything in the true way.

Question: Is their a real chance to demonstrate the film at the Central Russian television channels?

Answer: Intensive work is carried out in this direction. Good replies were sounded by the Russian Presidents Administration. An international film festival is being held in Moscow currently and we actively cooperate with the Azerbaijani community.

Question: Does it seem real for the film to come on air at Russian television by the end of the year?

Answer: You are speaking of very concrete terms. However, Id say, we will do everything possible to carry out it.