Law on Ethical Behaviour Regulations of State Employees Takes Effect in Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 21 August 2007 18:11 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Тrend corr K. Zarbaliyeva / A law on Ethical Behaviour Regulations of State Employees has taken effect.

The law is aimed at the increase of authority of state bodies and state services, trust of citizens towards state bodies and state employees, efficiency and transparency in their activities, as well as prevention of corruption and conflict of interest of employees and observation of ethical regulations by employees.

A state employee shall be unbiased, conscientious and cultured. He should be a professional demonstrating loyalty. A state employee shall fulfil orders, commands and commissions. A state employee shall do his best to prevent corruption. He shall prevent conflict of interest in service and shall not illegally use his power for personal interest.

A state employee has the right to join a public or political union except when stipulated in legislation.

Control over observation of ethical regulations in state bodies will be implemented by adequate organizations of the bodies. Those who violate these regulations shall be made accountable in a disciplinary order.

If a criminal case is exposed by the actions of a state employee, the director of the state body shall inform the criminal persecution bodies.