Necessary Measures Taken Prevent Recent Incident in Abu-Bekir Mosque in Azerbaijan from Repeating: Chairman of State Committee

Society Materials 19 August 2008 19:35 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 19 August/ Trend , corr. E.Huseynli/ The Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations of Azerbaijan, Hidayat Orujov, provided an exclusive interview to Trend Agency with regards to the recent incident in Abu-Bekir Mosque.  

Question: As preliminary version, dissatisfaction between the two religious groups was described as a reason for the recent incident at the Abu-Bekir Mosque in Baku. How do you consider, did the bloody incident, which the State Committee describes as an act of terror, take place due to order of the foreign forces or dissatisfaction of the internal forces.     

Answer: The State Committee has expressed its opinion with regards to this heinous crime and condemned the incident. I visited the place of incident yesterday. Such an incident has not taken place in Azerbaijan up to now. A crime has been committed against innocent people at God's home during pray. People have been keeled and wounded here. Currently investigation is being held and the law-enforcement agencies carry out continuous work to identify those who organized and committed the crime. Making any version before completion of the investigation may cause perplexity in the society. Therefore, it needs to expect completion of the inspection in order to have full information on the incident.    

Question: In what direction will the State Committee strengthen its efforts to prevent such events? What works will be done with regards to religion enlightenment?

Answer: Not only the State Committee, but also other relating organizations will take relevant measures in the future. Religion enlightenment is one of the key activity directions of the State Committee. We commenced this work in July 2007. Up to now, more than 200 workshops and trainings have been held in the cities and districts of the country. Together with the religious people, the workshops and trainings were actively attended by representatives of various State bodies, community and heads of secondary schools. Separate workshops and trainings are being held in various collectives. This work with regards to enlightenment is reflected in the State Committee's plan on measures and will be continuing.   

Question: You have repeatedly stated that certain foreign forces are interested in creating inter-religious confrontation in Azerbaijan. How is this danger urgent today?  

Answer: Currently no religious danger is expected to take place in Azerbaijan. There is mutual understanding and tolerance between the confessions in the country. Azerbaijan State has been established on strong basis and there is no external or internal force that can break the sustainability of this country.  

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