Day 1 of forum for cooperation among Azerbaijani NGOs wraps up in Zangilan (UPDATED) (PHOTO)

Society Materials 24 June 2024 17:49 (UTC +04:00)
Day 1 of forum for cooperation among Azerbaijani NGOs wraps up in Zangilan (UPDATED) (PHOTO)
Aslan Mammadli
Aslan Mammadli
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ZANGILAN, Azerbaijan, June 24. The first day of the Forum for Cooperation among Azerbaijani NGOs has wrapped up in Zangilan, Trend reports.

The event took place at the Zangilan Convention Center Complex, jointly organized by the Agency for State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations and the Azerbaijan National Forum of NGOs.

The forum was attended by representatives from approximately 200 NGOs active in Azerbaijan, as well as media representatives and public figures.

Panel discussions at the event covered “NGOs of Azerbaijan: results and goals”, "Environmental consequences of Armenia's mining industry", "COP29 and the Solidarity Movement for a Green World".

Addressing the event, the representative of the NGO Work and Communication Department of the Presidential Administration Tural Aliyev said that foreign interference in Azerbaijan's NGOs under guise of grants is unacceptable.

According to him, financial transparency and discipline are paramount, and there will be no compromise with NGOs that fail to adhere to the principles they have outlined.

"We take this opportunity to urge Azerbaijani NGOs working with foreign donors to ensure their cooperation is formally notified to the Ministry of Justice.

There are significant issues with service contracts in this sector, and illegal settlements pose serious legal risks. It is widely known that some instances of shadow turnover of grants are attempts by foreign donors to infiltrate Azerbaijan. We urge NGOs to exercise the utmost caution in these matters," he emphasized.

Aliyev underscored that any attempts from abroad to illegally interfere in the NGO sector under the guise of grants are unacceptable, and those involved will face decisive actions from the Azerbaijani state.

"We are witnessing destabilization in many countries, including our region, orchestrated by external forces under the cover of various means.

Certain foreign circles persistently promote cosmopolitan and harmful ideological ideas, aiming to undermine Azerbaijan's traditional national, spiritual, and family values, as well as its strong patriotic sentiments and exemplary harmony within its religious and ethnic communities.

Azerbaijani NGOs are leading the efforts to resist this encroachment and defend the ideological and spiritual values that underpinned our historic victory and facilitated the liberation of Karabakh and East Zangezur from occupation," he emphasized.

The Special Representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Jabrayil, Gubadli, and Zangilan districts Vahid Hajiyev noted that Zangilan, Gubadli, and Jabrayil districts are all seeing exciting new development projects.

He pointed out that Aghali village was built in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

"A total of 11 out of 17 goals have been secured here. 175 families, totaling 871 people, have already settled in the village. The construction of the Aghali-2 phase, consisting of 300 houses, is still in full swing," he emphasized.

In addition, Hajiyev brought up the fact that Azerbaijan would be hosting COP29 this year, a celebration that is perfectly aligned with initiatives carried out all around the nation.

"The implementation of environmental projects in the territories liberated from occupation will be one of the important steps for Azerbaijan in connection with COP29. Zangilan is the only district with four rivers flowing through its territory. We are effectively utilizing these rivers. There are four hydroelectric power plants on the Okhchuchay River. The total volume is 42 kW. More than 100,000 trees have been planted in Zangilan. This year alone, it is planned to plant 50,000 trees," he said.

The official stated that the efforts carried out in Jabrayil, Gubadli, and Zangilan are ongoing and not limited to the current stage.

"Compelling initiatives are now being executed, which are capturing the interest of investors," he added.

The forum will last two days.