German exports up in September despite economic crisis

Business Materials 7 November 2008 12:57 (UTC +04:00)

German exports recorded a surprise increase in September despite the global economic slowdown, official figures showed Friday.

The Federal Statistics Office said exports rose 6.9 per cent to 87.1 billion euros (112 billion dollars) in September compared to the corresponding month of 2007, reported dpa.

Imports climbed 14.1 per cent in the same period to 72.2 billion euros, to give the world's biggest exporter a trade surplus of 15 billion euros, the figures showed.

The current account balance, which takes into account transfers and services as well as exports and imports, also recorded a surplus of 15 billion euros.

Exports of German goods to countries in the European increased 6.2 per cent to 55.5 billion euros, while sales to nations outside the EU were up 8.2 per cent to 31.6 billion euros.