Uzbekistan plans to renovate 550 kilomters of roads in 2010

Business Materials 31 March 2010 11:02 (UTC +04:00)

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, March 30 / Trend D.Azizov /

The Uzbek government is decided to repair 555.5 kilometers of international and national roads and 542 linear meters of bridges and overpasses at a cost of 113.5 billion sum in 2010.

Based on a decree by the Cabinet of Minister on maintaining international and national roads in 2010, plans include overhauling 40 kilometers of roads and 134 pogue/meters of international bridges and highway overpasses, 104.2 kilometers of roads and 408 running/meters of state overpasses and bridges.

In addition, routine repair works will be held on 120 kilometers of international roads and 191.3 kilometers of state roads.

The government decision was taken "to further develop and improve road networks to meet the highest international standards and requirements, ensuring the integration of public roads of international and national importance in the international transport corridors," the decree said.

Construction will be financed through the Uzbek Finance Ministry National Road Fund's extra-budgetary funds.

Ministries and departments involved in the program have ensured the development of the design estimates included in the approved program within a month. The Uzavtoyol state joint stock company and road contractors have been entrusted with supplying the necessary skilled labor.

Uzbekistan approved a program to build a highway with a length of 1,500 kilometers in 2009-2014 years. The total construction cost is $2.6 billion.

Under the project, 400-kilomter four-lane cement highways, 813-kilometer four-lane asphalt highways, 288-kilomter two-lane asphalt roads and seven transport interchanges will be built in the course of six years.

The project is divided into four sections: Beineu-Kungrad-Bukhara-Samarkand-Tashkent-Andijan, Bukhara-Alat, Bukhara-Karshi-Termez and Husar-Samarkand-Guzar.

The total length of Uzbek roads is 146,400 kilometers. About 20 international transport routes run through the country.