Alternative power engineering in Turkmenistan: potentialities and prospects

Oil&Gas Materials 11 June 2009 16:36 (UTC +04:00)

Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, June 11 / Trend G. Hasanov /

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed alternative power engineering as one of priority directions of development, including energies of sun and wind, Neutral Turkmenistan daily reported on June 11.

There is solid experience in nontraditional amended energy resources in the world. Turkmen specialists outline sun and wind as the most prospective sources. Sun energy is available everywhere during hot climate of Turkmenistan if wind energy is used rationally mainly in west and north-west regions of the country with favorable wind. 

Science-production union Gun (Sun) conducts research in alternative power engineering in Turkmenistan. The Islamic Development Bank allocated funds to realize a new project Research of silicon production for sunny photoelectric transformers early this month.

Neutral Turkmenistan said that silicon is major element used in production of sunny photoelectric transformers, so-called sunny batteries. Sand can be used as raw materials to produce silicon. Science-production union Gun will research to reveal appropriateness of Karakum sand for technical silicon in the nearest future. Technology will be designed to clean local sand of different admixtures, as well as create equipment to get silicon.  

Production of technical silicon is very expensive. Powerful arc-driven furnaces are used to melt sand. These furnaces use mush energy. Turkmen scientists plan to solve this problem using sunny furnace instead of arc-driven one. Sunny furnace can heat necessary materials up to 3,000º.

Recommendations are to design to get silicon in industrial volumes. Turkmenistan has a chance to enter small number of nations acquiring production of technical silicon. First, it will allow providing with necessary raw materials for sunny batteries, as well as from economic point of view to export this deficit and expensive production.   

Significant part of article in Neutral Turkmenistan was dedicated to sunny energy. Scientists of science-production union Gun designed several plants and complexes using energies of sun and wind in production purposes. One of these examples is universal solar dry kiln plant. Fruits and vegetables processed in this plant can be kept for a long time. 

Helio-water-desalinating module created by scientists desalts salt water of any mineralization. But ultra-violet plant disinfects drinkable water.

Helio-heating module - plant producing hot water produces up to 80 liters of hot water per day. All these plants can operate off-line without traditional energy supply in the most distant regions of desert.

Roughly 80 percent of Turkmenistan's territory covers desert and mountains. Roughly 10 percent of population lives in this zone. There are outrun cattle breeding farms. Residents of this zone are supplied with power energy of diesel generators because they are situated far from communications. Fuel is transported for them by freight cars. Sun energy can help them.  

Scientists and constructors of science-production union Gun have constructed experiment zero emission fully off-line sheep-producing helio-complexes to keep sheep and create terms for shepherds. Two helio-complexes are situated in desert 100-230 kilometers far from cultural zone.

Each of them includes electric windmill, hydraulics for salt water and park of helio-desalters for its collection and desalting. There is also dwelling house with helio-hothouse that allows using sun energy for heating.

Specialists of science-production union Gun plan to create more large scale wind-sun energy complexes including sunny photoelectric stations, sunny photo-bio-reactors, dryers, desalters, wind-sun plants on utilization of waste, sunny collectors. Autonomous complexes can provide vital activity of settlements and cattle-breeding farms.  

Author of the article said that there is an opportunity to economize hydrocarbon reserves, as well as reduce quantity of harmful emission in atmosphere by using sun energy for these purposes. Further improvement of technologies in sun energy will allow getting advantages for power engineering of the country in future. Presently, great natural hydrocarbon resources give scientists an opportunity to create own strategy and model of alternative power engineering infrastructure development by using modern world experience.  

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