Tiny HP USB Flash Drive Is Quite the Swinger

ICT Materials 7 November 2007 11:45 (UTC +04:00)
Tiny   HP USB Flash Drive Is Quite the Swinger

( Mobile ) - While this latest offering isn't exactly inspired by the randy antics of a certain Austin Powers, the unnamed HP USB Flash drive definitely has some swinger influence. Instead of popping a cap or pushing a slider to reveal the USB connection, the HP USB thumb drive features some sort of swinging mechanism which pushes the cover portion around to the back.

Based on its size relative to the USB port and keychain, this USB flash drive is definitely among the most compact and skinniest units on the market today. Boasting a storage of merely one gigabyte, the HP USB Flash drive barely nudges the scales at 3 grams of weight. It offers a read and write speed of 4MB/sec and 15MB/sec, respectively.

No word on price, but I'm liking the tiny, yet solid construction. Too bad it looks like it's going to be Korea-only.