Meat consumption decreases in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Materials 21 September 2018 17:18 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 21


In 2Q2018 in Kazakhstan, consumption of meat products in cities decreased by two percent compared to 1Q2018, and in rural areas by just eight percent, Kazakh media reported.

Retail prices for meat have grown in Kazakhstan's cities on average.

Horse meat prices increased the most - by 1.7 percent per month, to 1694.6 tenges per kilogram (by 9.3 percent per year).

Chicken meat has risen in price by 1.1 percent to 745.7 tenges per kilogram.

Beef, mutton and pork prices have risen for the month by 0.2-0.3 percent (6-8 percent per year).

Consumption of meat and meat products by households in 2Q2018 decreased by 4.1 percent compared to 1Q2018, to 18.7 kilograms per capita on average.

In urban areas, consumption decreased by 1.7 percent, to 19.6 kilograms per capita on average. Meat and meat products consumption declined in rural areas by 7.5 percent, to 17.4 kilograms per capita on average.

The most popular meat among all households in 2Q2018 was beef - 5.9 kilograms per capita, followed by mutton - 1.6 kilograms and chicken - one kilogram.

In urban areas too, beef was the most preferred - 6.6 kilograms, followed by chicken - 1.3 kilograms and horse meat - 0.9 kilograms. In the countryside as well, beef was the most consumed - five kilograms, then came mutton - 2.9 kilograms and horse meat - 0, 9 kilograms.

($1 = 359 KZT on Sept. 21)