Investments in real sector

Analysis Materials 9 February 2007 12:05 (UTC +04:00)

In January to December 2006 a total of 5963.6mln new manats ($6854.7mln on average exchange rate of 0.87 AZN per 1 USD), has been invested in the Azerbaijani economy, which is 14.8% up as compared to the amount of investments put in 2005.

In December 2006, 719.3mln AZN ($826.8mln) of capital investments has been invested in the Azerbaijani economy with a growth pace of 20.7% as compared to last year, while they increased 70.7% as compared to September 2006.

According to the State Statistics Committee, 2734.2mln manats ($3142.6mln) has been invested at the expense of internal sources, or 53.8% more than 2006. Special weight of internal investments made up 45.8%. Foreign investments constituted 3229.4mln AZN ($3711.9m).

Investment indices in 2006

Amount in mln manats (AZN)

Special weight, %

Investments in total



Foreign investments

3 229,4


Internal investments



Source: State Statistics Committee and calculation by Trend

Investments put in major capital at the expense of funds of enterprises and organizations made up 4,139.4mln manats (with 5.1% drop), banking credits вЂ" 383.8mln manats (114.8%), community funds вЂ" 320.4mln AZN (153% up), budget funds вЂ" 847.5mln manats (4.4 times), non-budgetary funds вЂ" 253.7mln manats (3.7 times).

In compliance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 8 February 2006 it is planned to allocate 884.3m AZN for the implementation of construction work at the expense of the budget funds. Over 12 months of 2006 some 800.4mln manats, 90.5% of the sum was spent. Some 62.3% of la investments falls on construction and assembly work.

Investments directed at repair and construction work rose 9.7 and made 3029.8mln manats. 5,071,4mln manats (85%) has been directed for the construction of production facilities, while 892.2m manats (15%) вЂ" non-production facilities.