Four killed in Iraq attacks targeting security

Arab World Materials 14 May 2012 14:59 (UTC +04:00)

Four people were killed on Monday in attacks targeting security personnel in Iraq, security sources said on Monday dpa reported

A Kurdish intelligence officer was killed when a bomb planted in his car went off in the northern city of Kirkuk, some 250 kilometres north of Baghdad.

Also in northern Iraq, two people were killed in a blast in a crowded market in the city of Mosul, located 400 kilometres north of Baghdad.

Three people were injured in the blast.

Four car bombs exploded consecutively in the central city of Falluja killing one person and injuring four, including two police officers.

Such attacks been on the increase in Iraq in recent months, prompting fear among the country's people of a surge in violence after the US troops completed their withdrawal in December.

At least 27 people were killed on April 19 in a series of synchronized bombings that hit several parts of the country.