Obama support overwhelming in Germany, poll shows

Other News Materials 6 July 2008 15:45 (UTC +04:00)

Barack Obama would be a shoo-in for US president if Germans instead of Americans were voting: a poll released Sunday showed 72 per cent of Germans prefer the candidate for the Democratic nomination to his Republican rival John McCain.

The survey of 501 Germans by Emnid pollsters for the German Sunday newspaper Bild am Sonntag showed the presumptive Republican nominee had just 11 per cent of Germans behind him.

Asked what the next US president should do first, 34 per cent of respondents said he should beat world poverty and undernourishment.

Separately, the news weekly Der Spiegel said senior German officials had pressed Obama to stage a major public speech in the heart of Berlin when he visits Europe later this month.

The magazine said German government officials had arranged for an Obama campaign official to meet with the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, and float the idea that Obama address a crowd at the Brandenburg Gate, close to the new US embassy that opened Friday.

The spot, once crossed by the Berlin Wall, is infused with history.

In 1987, Ronald Reagan as president of the United States stood up nearby and appealed to the Soviet Union's last communist leader in Moscow: "Mr Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

The Wall has gone and tourists now come from round the globe to make symbolic walks through the monumental gate, dpa reported.