Turkey clarifies issue of creating unified army of Turkic world

Türkiye Materials 18 March 2015 19:09 (UTC +04:00)
Turkey’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ismail Alper Coskun has clarified the issue of creating the unified army of the Turkic world.
Turkey clarifies issue of creating unified army of Turkic world

Baku, Azerbaijan, Mar. 18

By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

Turkey's Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ismail Alper Coskun has clarified the issue of creating the unified army of the Turkic world.

Although at different times, some representatives of political and scientific circles were talking about the need to create a unified army of the Turkic world, no steps at the state level were taken in this regard, the ambassador told Trend.

Coskun added that the unified army means the army controlled from a single center.
He said it is very difficult to create such an army, especially, taking into account that it will include various types of troops, formations and units.

The diplomat noted that the main difficulty for the Turkic speaking countries is the centralized control of this army consisting of various types of troops, units and formations from a single center.

NATO can serve as an example in this regard, said the ambassador. "Sometimes, from the outside viewpoint, it seems that the member states of NATO have a unified army. However, in reality, it is not so."

If it is necessary to carry out any operation within NATO, the organization's council makes a decision on unifying the armed forces of the member states and this requires time, according to Coskun.

"The opportunities of all member states is taken into account for carrying out any operation within NATO," said Turkish diplomat.

Moreover, the ambassador said that Turkic states are located in the strategically important region and taking into account their economic potential and geographic position, they can make a significant contribution to the development of humanity.

"Therefore, it is necessary to take steps for integration of the Turkic world into the international community," he said.

On the one hand, this will promote the development of infrastructure, and on the other hand, popularization of the history of the Turkic world and strengthening of political ties, according to Coskun.

"Aside from that it is also important to pay serious attention to stability and security issues," he added.

The diplomat said that as for the unity of the Turkic world, one should start from the stability and security issues.

"In other words, the security forces of the Turkic world countries interested in stability and security, should start a dialogue among themselves," said Coskun.

The diplomat added that such dialogue has been established between Turkey and Azerbaijan at the highest level.

"The joint military exercises of the two countries held in Azerbaijan in 2014 and in Turkey in 2015 can serve as the best example for this," he said, adding that holding such joint events is of great importance for the stability in the region.

There is an opportunity to benefit from the experience of the partner states when holding joint military exercises, he said, adding that this will contribute to security and stability in the region.

The ambassador said that neither Turkey, nor Turkic speaking countries would become hardened before the threats in the region, since there are certain risks and issues that need a solution.

The rapprochement of the Turkic world countries will serve the interests of each of them, said the diplomat.

"Regardless of existence or lack of the unified army of the Turkic world, its countries are business partners," said Coskun. "Not only the countries of the Turkic world, but also other countries can join this partnership as observers."

Alper Coskun said that the analogue of such partnership is in NATO.

"Alongside with NATO member states, there are some countries that have joined the alliance as observers," the ambassador said, adding that this is of great importance in terms of immediate resolving the problems.

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