YARAT to participate in Art Dubai’s curated gallery programme Marker

Photo: YARAT to participate in Art Dubai’s curated gallery programme Marker
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Baku, Azerbaijan, March 18


YARAT is pleased to announce its participation in Marker, Art Dubai's curated gallery programme, at stand A5.

Curated this year by the artists Slavs and Tatars, Marker takes Central Asia and the Caucasus as its focus and intends to celebrate the complexities of faith, identity and language in the region.

Works have been selected to include artists born throughout the 20th century, creating an exhibition that spans three generations of art. Developing under the paradigm of socialist realism in the 1950s and 60s, artists born in the 1920s are set alongside those who matured after Azerbaijan's 1991 independence and test new boundaries in art through use of new media and ideas.

Video, painting, mixed-media and sculpture are included in YARAT's exhibition. Artists Orkhan Huseynov, Altai Sadikhzade, Ali Hasanov, Aga Ousseinov, Teymur Daimi, Huseyn Haqverdiyev, Tahir Salahov and Reza Hazare contribute works that cover subjects as diverse as collective memory, traditional dance, landscape and musical performance.

Works by Ali Hasanov (b.1976), Orkhan Huseynov (b.1978) and Reza Hazare (b. 1987) shed light on the emerging contemporary artists of Azerbaijan. Huseynov's film Dancing with No Sound (2011) recalls traditional dances set to silence, while Ali Hasanov's film Arsenium (2012) is a tribute to the first performance in Baku of the "Symphony of Sirens" by avant-garde Russian composer and theorist Arseni Avraamov. Hazare's work follows a tradition of Azerbaijani painting and draftsmanship, yet as an Afghan refugee living in Baku, Hazare makes work imbued with nostalgia and criticism of his Afghan heritage.

Tahir Salahov (b. 1928), the oldest practising artist in the exhibition, became part of an accepted movement in the 1960s Soviet Union, spurred by the loosening of artistic control after Stalin's death in 1953. Using a sparse, high-contrast palette and angular brushstrokes, Salahov's work is renowned for unpolished depictions of Azerbaijani citizens.

Part of the next generation of artists, Altai Sadikhzade (b. 1951), Teymur Daimi (b.1966), Huseyn Haqverdiyev (b.1956) and Aga Ousseinov (b.

1962) show works in a variety of materials, signifying the experimentation permitted to artists maturing in the late 20th century. Ousseinov draws influence from early scientific research and diagrams and maps from Islamic and European culture to make mixed-media compositions, while Daimi's films explore corporeality and the surreal.

YARAT's participation in Marker, Art Dubai is part of YARAT's ongoing programme of international projects and mission to create a platform for Azerbaijani art internationally.

About Marker

Marker is Art Dubai's curated gallery programme that focuses each year on a particular theme or geography, accentuating Art Dubai's role as a fair of discovery and a site for the production and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

In 2014, Art Dubai's Marker programme is curated by the artists Slavs and Tatars and takes Central Asia and the Caucasus as its focus. Celebrating the complexities of faith, identity and language in these regions, Marker 2014 includes five booth exhibitions, plus dynamic educational and research initiatives.


Founded in 2011 by Aida Mahmudova, YARAT is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing an understanding of contemporary art in Azerbaijan and to creating a platform for Azerbaijani art, both nationally and internationally.

Based in Baku, YARAT, (which means CREATE in Azerbaijani) realises its mission through an ongoing program of exhibitions, education events, and festivals. YARAT facilitates dialogue and exchange between local and international artistic networks, including foundations, galleries and museums.

A series of residencies further fosters opportunities for global cultural dialogue and partnerships.

YARAT's educational initiatives include lectures, seminars, master classes, and the Young Artist Project ARTIM (meaning PROGRESS in Azerbaijani).

ARTIM aims to encourage the next generation of Azerbaijani creative talent to seek a career in the arts and gives young practitioners the opportunity to exhibit their works in a professional context.

Founded as part of YARAT's ongoing commitment to growing local art infrastructure, YAY Gallery is a commercial exhibition space. In line with this, YAY (meaning SHARE in Azerbaijani) shares all proceeds from sales between the artist and YARAT and supports a range of national and international artists.

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