Uzbekistan strengthens parties role in local authorities

Photo: Uzbekistan strengthens parties role in local authorities / Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Jan.22
By Demir Azizov- Trend:

The amendments to the law 'On political parties' envisaging the increase of the effectiveness of activities of party groups in local authorities have come into force in Uzbekistan.

The amendments to the law were adopted by the Legislative (lower) Chamber of the Uzbek parliament in early December 2013 and were approved by the Senate (upper house) on December 13, 2013.

The law on amendments approved by the president was made public in the central media outlet of the country.

The document stipulates that party groups in the local councils of people's deputies may be formed of at least five members representing a political party in the council.

Additionally, it was agreed that the proposals of party groups on the issues that are put to the councils of people's deputies are subject to a mandatory review.

According to the amendments, party groups have the right to participate in forming the agenda of the session corresponding to the representative body of state power and to put forward proposals on candidatures of chairmen, deputy chairmen and members of committees or commissions.

Representatives of party groups are guaranteed to have the right to speak in the discussions on every issue on the agenda of the session.

The party groups are entitled to appeal to the heads of local councils of people's deputies, administrations and heads of enterprises, institutions and organisations located in the territory of the Council of People's Deputies. They can also make proposals to hear a report or information on the activity of the head of state agency located in the territory.

Moreover, the party groups are entitled to initiate providing the president with the conclusions about the unsatisfactory activity of people appointed for the posts of heads of districts and regions.

The amendments made in the legislation will increase the role and place of political parties in resolving the socio-economic challenges, as well as increasing the responsibility of state agencies and officials.

Moreover, this will also serve to strengthen the activity of political parties in the implementation of the election platform and programme goals.

It was previously reported that the next parliamentary elections will be held in Uzbekistan in December 2014.

Translated by L.Z., N.H.

Edited by S.M.

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