Iraqis, not U.S. to determine Destiny of Iraq: Experts

Politics Materials 7 April 2008 17:18 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 7 April / corr. Trend R. Hafizoglu/ Not U.S., Al-Qaeda or any other foreign force, but Iraqis should determine the development of Iraq and its future destiny.

"Not U.S., but Iraqis should determine the destiny of Iraq," said to Trend Sheik Salahaddin Mohammad Behaaddin, the leader of Islamic Union of Kurdistan in Iraq.

The U. S. President George Bush commenting on the achievements of coalition forces in Iraq, during Bucharest summit of NATO on 2 April, said that the citizens of the country do not believe in the ideas of Al-Qaeda terrorists and the economy has fast growth rates.

"The terrorist network of Al-Qaeda has never enjoyed the sympathy among Iraqis. In fact, there were no followers of Al-Qaeda in Iraq until the intervention of coalition forces in Iraq," said Bahaaddin on 7 April by electronic mail. There have been certain problems between the communities previously, but these problems reached to their maximum level only after the country was captured by the coalition forces, he said.

" U.S. created favorable conditions for terror and terrorists by intervening in Iraq with ungrounded reasons and simple Iraqis have to pay for it," he said. "All Iraqis should unite regardless of their national and religious differences in order restore stability in Iraq. Should the 4,000 Iraqi women in destitute state and 6,000 orphan children be considered as the development of Iraqi economy with high growth rates?" he said.

The other Iraqi political scientist Riad al-Gaim believes that the chaos and anarchy began in the country after the intervention of coalition forces in Iraq. "Iraqis were expecting freedom and democracy from the Americans. Instead, they faced terror and internal conflicts," said Gaim to Trend on 7 April by electronic mail from Baghdad.

"The bloody events in Iraq are mainly attributed to the coalition forces. I believe that the Iraqi government should fight against internal and foreign forces in order to restore the stability in the region," he said.

According to the media reports, the total number of coalition forces in Iraq makes up 152,000. The number of those who died and missing since the beginning of Iraqi war ranges from 350,000 to 4mln people.

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