Putin Becomes Chair of Unified Russian Party (video)

Politics Materials 15 April 2008 14:20 (UTC +04:00)

Russia, Moscow, 15 April / corr Trend A.Gasimova, R.Agayev / On 15 April Vladimir Putin was elected chairman of the largest party Unified Russia. Putin gave his consent during the party's conference in Moscow on 15 April and became chairman of the party and will head the Russian Government.

Members of the party unilaterally approved Putin's candidacy as the part chairman.

On 14 April delegates to the conference of the pro-Kremlin Unified Russia approved unilaterally the changes to the charter of the party, enabling Putin, who ended his presidency term, to become the chairman of the Party.

Putin intends to head the Government during the presidency of his successor, Dmitriy Medvedov. Some analysts regarded the former President joining the party as equivalent to the constitution reforms establishing the party government.

Previously Unified Russia offered Putin the opportunity to enter and head the party before the parliamentary elections in December 2007. Although he rejected the offer, he agreed to occupy first place in the elections list of the party.

Unified Russia, a political party of Russia, was established on 2 December 2001 in a constituent assembly of the public and political unions Unity (led by Sergey Shoygu), Motherland (Yuriy Luzhkov) and All Russia (Mintimer Shaymiyev), as the Russian political party Unity and Motherland - Unified Russia.

During the 2007 elections to the State Duma Parliament, the then President Vladimir Putin headed the list of the party and its policy, though did not hold membership. According to Viccipedia encyclopedia, as a result of the elections in Russia, the political system which existed previously became strengthened with the dominating party, where the authorities - the Unified Russia - possesses a qualified majority, enough for unilateral decisions to be made without the consideration of oppositional opinions.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev was elected the President of Russia during the 2 March presidential elections. His inauguration is scheduled for 7 May.